Jan J. Ženatý

Jan is a psychologist, consultant, coach and trainer with more than 12 years of experience. He managed a team of experts at QED Group. He supported companies during mergers and acquisitions, helped to implement changes to company cultures and organized hundreds of training sessions for managers and specialists in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Jan is an accredited trainer by Paul Ekman International.

Part 1 - Pre-recorded; Part 2 - Live; Jan J. Zenaty


Effective Techniques for Online & Offline Interviews

Do you rely on intuition to choose the right candidate, or do you apply science-proven techniques and approaches to interviewing methods? And which of these two options will ensure us the right choice of candidate? What personality types are there, and how to reveal them during the interview? How to avoid recruiting a problematic personality type? The top practical psychologist Jan Zenaty will guide you through all these topics and situations.

  • How to organize a successful selection interview
  • Nonverbal and verbal communication (what to say and not to say, what to do and not to do)
  • How to conclude an interview contract with a candidate and therefore increase openness and will to share
  • Traditional selection interview
  • Behavioral selection interview
  • Interview by competence
  • Stress selection interview
  • Communication and offer negotiation
  • Problematic types
Part 1 - Pre-recorded; Part 2 - live; Jan J. Zenaty


Psychology of Job Interviews

A lie is a problematic phenomenon. It can rarely be distinguished from the truth with 100% certainty. Paula Ekman's method is one of the most helpful techniques for interview conducting, with an up to 90% accuracy rate when used by professionals. Its tremendous advantage lies in its non-invasive approach - the candidate doesn't feel like they're being interrogated. The only certified cat of this method in the Czech Republic, Jan Zenaty, who was trained by a specialty for interrogations from Scotland Yard, will guide you through this module.

  • Reading emotions from facial expressions by Paul Ekman (subtle, macro and micro emotional expressions)
  • Model of disguising and fabricating - how emotional and cognitive stress is displayed when lying
  • The golden rules of uncovering lies
  • Consistency and spontaneity analysis
  • 5 communication channels (face, body, voice, style and content)
  • Practice of identifying inconsistencies in communication - technique of HoT Spot observation
  • Video analysis
  • Practical exercises using the Ekman method to conduct interviews