Blake Wittman

Business Manager of the GoodGroup platform including the agency GoodCallRecruitment Academy and Datacruit. He is in charge of business development and sales activities of the group. During his rich career he has been mainly taking advantage of his exceptional skills in sales and client management. He has experience with both corporates and startups.

Part 1 - Pre-recorded; Part 2 - Live; Blake Wittman


Recruitment Marketing

A job ad is an ad text. They have to sell and reach the target group well. It depends on the title, perex, length, syllabus and many other parameters. Blake Wittman will teach you how to create an effective job advertisement that will raise the number of candidates for your position several times over.

  • How to write an ad that will reach your target group
  • How to write an ad that will sell your position
  • What to focus on when writing an advertisement
  • What parameters are important when creating an advertisement
  • How to increase the number of registered candidates thanks to a correctly written advertisement